2019-2020 Legislative Session

Arts & Culture

Animal Welfare

  • AB 1254: Protect Bobcats (Signed into law) 
    Ends the trophy hunting of bobcats, except under specified circumstances, until Jan. 1, 2025

Child Abuse Prevention

Coastal Access

  • AB 1300: Coastal Access Equity Act
    Expands authorization for the Coastal Conservancy to award grants to school districts, local public agencies, and nonprofit organizations for the implementation of programs to bring people to the coast

Criminal Justice Reform

  • AB 32: Ending the Use of Private Prisons (Signed into law) 
    Prohibits the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) from entering into or renewing contracts with private, for-profit prisons beginning January 1, 2020
  • AB 227: Fines and fees
    Makes a defendant’s inability to pay a fine a compelling and extraordinary reason for a court to not impose a restitution fine upon a conviction of a misdemeanor or felony
  • AB 1950: Probation Reform Act (Signed into law) 
    Amends the California State Penal Code to limit adult probation to a maximum of one year for misdemeanor offenses and two years for felony offenses
  • AB 2054: CRISES Act
    Establishes the Community Response Initiative to Strengthen Emergency Systems (C.R.I.S.E.S.) Act pilot program which will promote community-based responses to local emergency situations

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Employee Protections

  • AB 1400: Protect Fire Personnel (Signed into law) 
    Mandates a study on the rate of cancer in fire service personnel rather than just active firefighters.

Energy and Utilities

  • AB 2789: 2030 Electrical GRID Study
    Requires the California Energy Commission to conduct analyses on the feasibility, costs and benefits of relying on local energy resouces for reliability and resiliency in comparing with relying on power plants that send electricity over transmission lines

Gun Violence Prevention

Health Equity


  • AB 653: West Los Angeles Armory (Signed into law) 
    Authorizes the Director of General Services to lease a portion of the West LA Armory to LA County to build a year-round bridge housing program
  • AB 1795: Tenant Credit Protection
    Protects tenants from having an eviction on their record if they were evicted under the Ellis Act, in which case the landlord decided to stop renting the property
  • AB 2470: Divide Dwellings and Conquer
    Provides an expedited, ministerial process for property owners who apply to split one or more dwelling units within a multifamily housing development


Natural Resources

I would be honored to have your support on any or all of the bills. Support from individuals and organizations is critical to passing legislation. Please submit your letters of support at this link: https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov/Advocates/

Thank you for the privilege of serving you!


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Sydney Kamlager
Assemblymember, 54th District