2015 - 2016 Legislation

AB 446 – Open Space Protection & Park Equity and Access for Greater Los Angeles
AB 446 would extend the operation of the Baldwin Hills Conservancy indefinitely. The bill protects urban open space and ensures that the diverse population served by the Baldwin Hills Conservancy has access to public parks, which improves physical and mental health.

AB 766 – Improving Access to Health Care for Underserved Communities
AB 766 would update and expand the Public School Health Center Support Program. The bill reduces barriers to health care access for underserved communities by facilitating the growth of school-based health centers.

AB 755 – Tax Justice for Small Businesses in Greater Los Angeles
AB 755 would provide tax relief for small businesses adjacent to the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Light Rail Line, the Regional Connector Transit Corridor Light Rail Line, and the Westside Subway Extension Light Rail that are affected by the construction of these rail lines. The bill helps to prevent the closure of many small businesses in Los Angeles that serve as the backbone of our communities.

AB 808 – Advancing Access to Clean Energy
AB 808 would expand the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s authority to regulate alternative fuels. The bill protects consumers and businesses by providing clear standards and guidelines while encouraging the adoption of clean energy.

AB 810 – Infrastructure Innovation for Greater Los Angeles
AB 810 would authorize the California Transportation Commission to relinquish a portion of Venice Blvd and Lincoln Blvd owned by the state to the City of Los Angeles. The bill allows the City of Los Angeles to make infrastructure improvements along Venice Blvd and Lincoln Blvd to stimulate public spaces, provide economic revitalization, increase public safety, and enhance local culture.

AB 840 – Protecting Nurses and Patients in State Hospitals
AB 840 would ban the use of mandatory overtime for all nurses. The bill increases safety and quality patient care by using proper scheduling resources and eliminating workforce fatigue.

AB 880 – Expanding Access to Free Dental Clinics for Families in Need
AB 880 would permit students enrolled in their final year of dental school to volunteer at free dental clinics. The bill increases the capacity of these clinics to provide the vital services that are essential to everyone’s health.

AB 1185 – Higher Quality Construction Projects for Los Angeles Unified School District
AB 1185 would authorize the Los Angeles Unified School District for five years to use a best value procurement process for construction projects over $1 million. The bill promotes superior work quality, workplace safety, highly qualified contractors, and better on-time completion and on-budget performance.

AB 1299 – Improving Outcomes for Our Foster Youth
AB 1299 would transfer the responsibility for providing mental health services for foster youth from the county of original jurisdiction to the foster youth’s county of residence in order to increase access to mental health services. The bill improves outcomes for foster youth by ensuring that they receive prompt mental health services regardless of where they are placed.

AB 1300 – Better Mental Health Services
AB 1300 would improve the various steps of the 5150 detention process to ensure consistent statewide application. The bill ensures that patients receive prompt medical attention and the most appropriate mental health services.