Homelessness: A State of Emergency

If you walk down the streets almost anywhere in Los Angeles County, you will undoubtedly pass homeless individuals and families. Amongst them are those of our most vulnerable populations: veterans, disabled, children, people of color, LGBTQ+, and many more. California has 21 percent of the nation’s homeless population. In total there are 47,000 homeless in Los Angeles County who are cast out in the streets without a stable roof above their heads.

Though Los Angeles County has become the home of the homeless, emergency medical and social services are at their capacity. Not only are our services overwhelmed, we can no longer tolerate turning a blind eye to such a massive and growing population in dire need of assistance. As homelessness continues to persist, it is obvious that this humanitarian problem has grown to emergency status.

It is only once our state leaders and communities recognize this state of emergency, that we will be able to begin to mitigate homelessness. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you join me in asking Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency regarding homelessness by signing this petition and sharing it with everyone you know.

It is time to bring the resources California needs to help those it has neglected for far too long.