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June 21, 2018

WELCOME to the inaugural edition of my official newsletter! My goal is to keep you informed about my work in Sacramento as I strive to be the best representative for you, your family and the community. My hope is that you will share this information and find it engaging and useful. As always, thank you for signing up and please stay tuned!

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As always, I look forward to our next edition. Please feel free to contact my office in Sacramento and the District should you need any information or would like to share a concern.


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Asm. Sydney Kamlager-Dove

The California State Budget

California State Budget

On June 14th, the California State Assembly passed a $200 billion budget that speaks to the values of California and the needs of our constituents. While there is still more to be done, we are working towards a state that does not punish or forget the poor and disenfranchised. Below are a few important takeaways from the budget:

  • This budget fills the Proposition 2 Rainy Day Fund years ahead of schedule.

By the end of 2018-19, the Rainy Day Fund will climb to an estimated $13.8 billion, the constitutional maximum. Total reserves will be the largest in any enacted budget in modern history and will hopefully prepare us for when our state revenues are not as robust as they have been in recent years.

  • This budget continues to invest in the future.

The budget increases K-12 education spending, includes more than $500 million to address the homelessness crisis, expands California’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for working Californians, ends the more than 40-year-old ban on California SSI recipients accessing CalFresh food benefits, and continues to implement last year’s Senate Bill 1, which will invest more than $54 Billion over the next decade to fix roads and bridges and put more dollars toward transit and safety.

  • As a freshman member, I had the opportunity to provide my input on the budget.

These three budget wins came from the hard work of my office including: $1.8 million in funding for UCLA’s Ralph Bunche Center for African American Studies; and $4 million to provide Chafee Grant Foster Youth grants to older youth up to the age of 26. These grants will allow foster students to access additional financial support to get them through college. An additional $1 billion over the next 4 years was allocated for an added 13,400 child care slots and 2,947 preschool slots, as well as increased rates for child care providers and new quality investments in early child care and education.

Listening to the District

Listening to the District

I was elected and sworn in after the deadline for authoring legislation. As a result, I have joined as a co-author to a number of bills that are important to the district. One of those bills is AB 3146. This bill would require oil and gas operators to test wells in close proximity to buildings intended for human occupancy in order to determine the presence of atmospheric emissions of hydrocarbon pollutants.  Unfortunately, the bill died on the Assembly floor. This issue is of continued importance to the 54th Assembly District.

My First Bill

My First Bill

On June 8th, I introduced my first bill. It was an old one that previously belonged to another legislator. I resurrected and breathed new life into AB 987. This is the first bill that has come across my desk since my election that would bring tens of thousands of jobs to the 54th Assembly District and surrounding communities and cities. It is a $1.2 billion local jobs package that will allow developers to build a new sports arena entertainment complex with a community clinic, retail establishments, outdoor space, and transportation management plans on vacant land in Inglewood. The land is currently under a flight path and is unable to be zoned for housing. It has been untended to for decades. This will be a challenge because of competing business interests from opposing forces, but the project has the capacity to bring tens of thousands of permanent, construction, operational and retail jobs into the district, while boosting local economies and diversifying revenue bases for pockets of the 54th Assembly District and surrounding cities.

New Program - New Money for You

New Program - New Money for You

Please visit my webpage to learn about a program that will allow low and middle-income consumers to purchase electric vehicles using a grant program. This is a new program under AB 630 and a result of the cap and trade conversations last year.

My First Community Event

Open House

I hope to see you at my first community event- an OPEN HOUSE on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at my District Office located at 3847 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008 from 4 - 7 p.m.