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August 7, 2018

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My First Open House in Assembly District 54

My First Open House in Assembly District 54

On July 17, I hosted my first District Office Open House. Constituents, advocates, elected officials - folks came from across the district to make connections, learn about constituent services and munch on carne asada. Some in attendance included City of Culver City Mayor Thomas Small, representatives from the offices of U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu, Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, neighbor West Angeles Church of God in Christ and the Southwestern Regional Carpenters. I was even surprised with an early birthday cake! While fun, the event was also informative. We shared updates on our internship and volunteer programs, our Senior Board and upcoming events. 

The Open House presented an opportunity to discuss important legislation that I am bringing forward. In early June, I introduced AB 987. The bill is a $1.2 billion local jobs package that will allow developers to build a new sports arena entertainment complex on vacant land in Inglewood. The complex will include a community clinic, retail establishments, outdoor space and transportation management plans. I intend to not only bring tens of thousands of jobs to my district, but to push for economic vitality in my community, which has been undervalued far too long. South LA, Inglewood and the surrounding cities and neighborhoods deserve to thrive.

Rent Relief Act of 2018

Rent Relief Act of 2018

On July 19, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris introduced legislation that would provide necessary financial relief to low-income Americans, including those in public housing, who are most harshly burdened with economic challenges related to rising rent costs. She asked that I join her in this fight. I heartily agreed.

The Rent Relief Act of 2018 would allow qualified taxpayers, those who spend at least 30 percent of their gross annual income on rent for the taxable year, to claim a refundable tax credit for the rent they pay.

As the State works to address the affordability crisis (the cost of living is too high) in ways that are meaningful and will truly bring relief, I stand firmly behind Sen. Harris’s ambitious effort to assist those who struggle month to month to keep a roof over their head. This work represents the true potential of government’s ability to use policymaking to build equity.

Aging and Long-Term Care Committee Hearing

Aging and Long-Term Care Committee Hearing

On July 19, I attended the Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care’s (LTC) Los Angeles hearing. It was hosted at the University of Southern California. I and the other members of the committee discussed the challenges of being a family caregiver and reviewed recommendations on how the state can be a better partner. The committee will host another hearing in the fall. The link to the full report is here.

Thank you to all of my constituents for attending the hearing. I saw you.

Capitol Spotlight: E. Dotson Wilson, Chief Clerk of the California State Assembly

E. Dotson Wilson was first elected by members of the Assembly to assume the role of Chief Clerk in 1992, and he’s been unanimously re-elected prior to each two-year session since then.

He came into his position during the era of former Speaker Willie Brown, who served nearly three decades in the Assembly prior to changes in the state’s term-limits law by way of Prop 140. Dotson served as the former Speaker’s Deputy Chief of Staff before receiving his nomination.

As Chief Clerk, Dotson serves as the official Parliamentarian of the House and is one of only three of the Assembly’s nonmember officers to serve in a nonpartisan capacity; the Chief Sergeant-at-Arms and Chaplain also serve as nonmembers. Under Dotson’s direction, the Chief Clerk’s Office publishes official documents while maintaining records of all day-to-day proceedings of the Assembly.

Dotson is a walking history book, a professor of the workings of the state and a man who breathes passion and integrity into his work. Thanks for being an inspiration, Dotson.

A Push for Clean Air: Local programs for low-income motorists

Generally, most greenhouse gas emissions are produced during commuting hours.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) offers a host of rebate programs to support zero to near-zero emission commuting through Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. Below are two solid programs for low-income drivers:

The Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Pilot Program was established in 2015 to encourage more households to have Level 2 (240v) chargers in order to ensure fast charging for EVs. The program provides up to $250 for hardware costs, with an additional incentive of up to $250 for low-income residents.  A Level 2 charger can be plugged into the same 240v outlet as a typical washer dryer, and as more drivers shift from standard internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EV technology, at-home charging stations are becoming more of a norm.

The Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program (EFMP) is a vehicle scrapping program that incentivizes low-income drivers to retire their old, high-emitting vehicles and replace them with cleaner ones. Rebates of up to $7,000 are available for those who purchase or lease an eligible vehicle (battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric). For information on eligibility requirements, click here.

Young Leaders of AD 54

This summer, the 54th Assembly District Office welcomed six incredibly talented young leaders as interns through my Public Leaders Internship Program. Each intern came from a unique background, allowing them to contribute a variety of perspectives while still working cohesively to benefit our community. Interns participated in community events, conducted research on policy and often faced even the most complex issues with grace. 

It has been a joy to work alongside such enthusiastic and talented individuals.

My office is currently looking for bright, self-motivated and energetic individuals who are interested in learning the dynamics of working in public service for the Fall of 2018. The Public Leaders Internship Program will provide the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the legislative process, constituent service delivery and office professionalism.

Apply today!

More to Come

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