Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager's Statement on Black Lives Matter Protests

Sunday, May 31, 2020

The system that tortured Emmett Till, slaughtered Tamir Rice and publicly suffocated George Floyd is crippled by its imperviousness to criticism. It is a system that likes being broken at the expense of Black lives. It is fed by hate, fear, privilege and history. It must be undone.

Military intervention is a tone deaf response to what is needed – an honest reflection about 400 years of systemic racism and racist practices in the U.S.

I am not alone in denouncing the provocateurs, white supremacists and those who have hijacked our legitimate exhaustion in their effort to destroy our resilience. I also am not alone in my pain, hurt and fatigue over seeing people that look like me, and those I love, killed.

The menace of this country is revealed by centuries of brutal inequality, epitomized by a Memorial Day assassination. This is an epoch moment. It is time we get to work – dismantling oppressive systems one by one.

Not one more life can be lost. Not one more.