Assemblymember Kamlager Introduces Assembly Bill 553 to Ensure a Pet Insurance Policy Covers Spaying and Neutering

Thursday, February 11, 2021

(SACRAMENTO) – Today, Assemblymember Kamlager (D-Los Angeles) introduced legislation to require pet insurance policies sold and renewed in California to fully cover spaying and neutering of pets and any veterinary expenses associated with these services.

“Spaying and neutering your domestic pets is important to prevent unnecessary abandonment, pain and suffering. It is estimated that over 100,000 pets are euthanized per year in California. Responsible pet owners and pet insurance companies can help save communities from spending millions of dollars that goes toward destroying a living animal.” said Assemblymember Kamlager.

“Spaying and neutering is a basic health issue for pets, and with the surge of ‘pandemic pets’, insurance companies must help address the overpopulation crisis by covering the cost of this one-time surgery,” said California Insurance Commissioner Lara. “California is leading the way to make pet insurance a more viable option for pet adopters. This bill is the first step in the direction of better care and coverage for our pets.”

AB 553 will require pet insurance companies to join the combined efforts of shelters, animal owners, pet breeders and veterinarians to tackle dog and cat overpopulations by requiring pet insurance policies to fully cover spaying and neutering and any associated veterinary expenses. This effort will ensure that the recent surge of animal adoptions spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic will not further exacerbate animal overpopulation and pet homelessness in our state.

To schedule an interview with Assemblymember Kamlager, contact Nikki Johnson at (916) 319-2054.

Assembly District 54 consists of Baldwin Hills, Cheviot Hills, the Crenshaw District, Century City, Culver City, Ladera Heights, Mar Vista, Palms, Rancho Park, Westwood and parts of South Los Angeles and Inglewood.