Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas Recognizes the Empowerment Congress as the 54th District's 2017 "Nonprofit of the Year"

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

         After 25 years of dedicated work, Asm. Sebastian Ridley-Thomas rightfully recognized the Empowerment Congress as the 54th District’s     

       “Nonprofit of the Year.” The organization is committed to adhering to the principle that elected officials serve the community most effectively when constituents are active participants within decision-making processes.

The Empowerment Congress ceaselessly works to make sure the constituents of Los Angeles County are engaged, empowered, and collectively heard in regards to a vast range of community, political issues and policy areas. The organization is composed of various committees, such as, Health, Arts & Culture, and Economic Development, all of which seek to offer members of the community possible ways in which they are able to influence issues within society.  The Empowerment Congress received the award for “Nonprofit of the Year” at the Capitol, on its 25th anniversary.