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2015 - 2016 Legislation

AB 2X 5 Direct Care Services for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities AB 2x 5 Requires in-home respite care providers to utilize 85% of their annual budget on direct care services for seniors and persons with disabilities.

AB 118 Exide Funding: Testing & Clean-Up  AB 118 expedites $176.6 million to the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) for the purposes of testing, clean-up, and job training in the communities surrounding the Exide Technologies facility in Vernon, California.

AB 292 Pupil Nutrition: Adequate Time to Eat Research indicates that inadequate time to eat meals at school discourages students from buying and eating meals entirely. Time pressures at lunch can result in food waste and poor nutrition, which can negatively impact students’ health and academic performance. AB 292 will require school districts and county offices of education to ensure that each of their schools provide students adequate time to eat after being served a meal.

AB 673 Probation Fines and Fees AB 673 would create a single, uniform process for handling the collection of fines, fees, and restitution from a probationer. This measure serves a great benefit to victims seeking restitution as it will create a singular contact for them in the event they need to get in touch with the probationer’s supervising agency.

AB 711 School Curriculum: Foreign Languages Requires the State Board of Education to adopt the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages for teaching foreign languages in K-12.

AB 767 Campus Emergency Preparedness According to a recent FBI report, 160 active shooter incidents occurred from 2000-2013, with almost 25% of those events taking place in an educational environment. AB 767 requires existing emergency preparedness standards/guidelines for community college districts and campuses to include active shooter plans and requires the updating of those standards/guidelines every 5 years.

AB 874 Collective Bargaining: Judicial Council State employees of the Judicial Council have expressed a desire to join a labor union. By making the Dills Act applicable to specified employees of the Judicial Council, AB 874 provides these employees with the right to be represented by a union.

AB 913 Campus Sexual Assault The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is investigating 101 postsecondary institutions—including UC Berkeley, UCLA, Occidental, Stanford, UCSD, and USC—over their handling of sexual violence complaints. AB 913 will require agreements between campus/local law enforcement to specifically clarify responsibilities for investigations of sexual assaults and hate crimes.

AB 1016 CCC/CSU Associate Degrees for Transfer Reporting Requires reporting from the California Community Colleges (CCC) and the California State University (CSU) related to the student transfer measures and student outcomes.

AB 1102 Late Healthcare Enrollment for Pregnant Women Half of all pregnancies are unplanned, which means that if a woman is uninsured at the time of pregnancy and does not have employer based coverage or qualify for Medi-Cal, she is without coverage until the child is born. AB 1102 allows women who become pregnant to sign up for health insurance through Covered California outside of the enrollment period.

AB 1151 Parking Tickets Payment Plans In many local jurisdictions, parking tickets can easily run $60-$70.  These tickets double and even triple in a very quick time period often resulting in added fees and mounting debt for violators.  AB 1151 will allow cities in California to establish payment plans for parking tickets.

AB 1182 Antique Dealers Reporting Streamlines reporting to the California Department of Justice to allow for small businesses to sell antiques and used merchandise while adequately tracking often stolen goods for law enforcement purposes.

AB 1276 Close-Circuit Television Testimony – Minor Victims of Human Trafficking Minors who are victims of human trafficking often experience PTSD, depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts or behavior, in addition to physical trauma. The average age of entry into human trafficking for boys is between 11 and 13 years of age, and for girls, between 12 and 14 years of age.  AB 1276 allows for the testimony of a minor who is a victim of human trafficking by means of closed-circuit television in criminal proceedings.

AB 1339 School District Employees:  Merit System Provides an exemption for LAUSD from the requirement that merit system school districts fill classified employee vacancies with applicants from the first three ranks on an eligibility list.  

AB 1373 LA Metropolis Project Allows for advertising displays along the Avenue of the Angels in Downtown Los Angeles, subject to approval by the Los Angeles City Council.

AB 1400 Direct Care Services for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities AB 1400 requires in-home respite care providers to utilize 85% of their annual budget on direct care services for seniors and persons with disabilities.

AB 1511 Gun Loans  AB 1511 narrows firearm loan provisions to allow a loan only between immediate family members.  Close family members are best positioned to know if the relative receiving the firearm has a background or circumstance that prohibits gun possession.

AB 1583 The California Affordability Promise Although California has devoted considerable resources to need-based aid at community colleges, not every student with need is able to receive a tuition/fee waiver. AB 1583 strengthens the Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGFW) Program by reducing the unmet need students must demonstrate to receive the BOGFW from $1,104 to $1 (for those applying for a BOGFW via FAFSA).

AB 1654 Campus Student Safety Currently, there is no oversight of the various campus safety provisions recently added to California statute. AB 1654 strengthens oversight of California’s campus safety laws by directing the State Auditor to expand its monitoring of institutional compliance with federal campus safety laws to include state campus safety laws.

AB 1674Gun Sales Historically, policymakers have believed that the bulk of gun violence is perpetuated by handguns.  However, recent data collection efforts have shown that assumption to be incorrect. AB 1674 caps the amount of long guns that may be purchased by a person at one per month – the same restriction currently in place for handguns.

AB 1678 Free Police Reports for Crime Victims Police reports are used by victims as documentation to take time off work, to terminate their lease early and relocate for their safety, and to request a good cause waiver for certain CalWORKs requirements, among other uses. AB 1678 grants one free copy of a police report to victims of sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, and elder abuse, in addition to domestic violence.

AB 1703 Inmates: Court Orders for Medical Removal Current law requires a court order to be obtained before removing an inmate for required medical or surgical treatment that cannot be given at the jail. Sheriffs or Jailers can remove an inmate without first obtaining a court order if the inmate is in need of emergency medical transport to a hospital. This measure extends the definition of medical care – in regards to medical removal orders for inmates – to include routine specialty procedures, such as dialysis. This allows for a more efficient use of court resources and it expedites treatment to prevent costly medical emergencies.

AB 1760 Child Trafficking Victims Many law enforcement personnel fail to identify victims of sex and labor trafficking, and may be uncertain about how to handle these cases. AB 1760 directs a peace officer to take specific action when coming in contact with a person who may be a victim of human trafficking.  This measure also imposes a number of requirements on state departments to better assist child victims of labor trafficking.

AB 1789 School Supplies for Homeless Children Fund Extension Homeless students often lack basic school supplies like backpacks, binders, and pencils or pens, as well as dental supplies essential to oral health. This is the only fund that addresses the unmet material needs of homeless students. AB 1789 extends the School Supplies for Homeless Children Fund until January 1, 2022 and it expands the recipients to include eligible homeless youth in transitional living centers.

AB 1858 Unlicensed Automobile Dismantling California faces an illegal underground economy in the auto recycling industry which has led to numerous public health and environmental violations. Illegal dumping and disposing of vehicles, inadequate hazardous waste handling, car thefts, improper worker safety protections, and other violations threaten our most vulnerable and underserved communities. AB 1858 creates a multiagency team to investigate tax evasion, environmental damage, and public harm that occurs as a result of unlicensed automobile dismantling.

AB 1934 Density Bonuses AB 1934 creates a new program, modeled after California’s residential density bonus program, to incentivize commercial developers to actively partner with affordable housing developers on projects.

AB 2019 Service Salary Increases for the CSU CSU professors are alone when it comes to other state workers and salary schedule. Not only is this outside the standard for public employment, but it limits room for growth to keep pace with economy and provides little incentive to stay in the system. AB 2019 places an automatic Service Salary Increases of 2.65% in statute for CSU faculty.

AB 2137 Community College to UC Transfer The University of California (UC) has made good progress on transfer, but the Legislature must continue monitoring UC to ensure a straightforward transfer process is available to all students. AB 2137 requests reporting from UC related to transfer between the California Community Colleges and UC.

AB 2150 The Child Care Protections for Working Families Act AB 2150 will protect working families from losing eligibility for child care for 12 months by eliminating required reporting during that time and allows for moderate wage growth to prevent the sudden withdrawal of support that can undermine a family’s pathway to financial stability.

AB 2208 Air Rights Requires local governments to include available air rights when surveying property that may be applicable for use in affordable housing as a part of their Housing Element.

AB 2290 World Language Content Standards and Curriculum Framework AB 2290 allows for the updating of world language content standards and the adoption of a standards-aligned curriculum framework and instructional materials. This measure will provide schools, districts, and world language educators with the necessary tools to better prepare our students to thrive in the 21st global economy and society.

AB 2310 MOU Ratification AB 2310 ratifies the provision of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the state and state bargaining unit 18, Psychiatric Technician, represented exclusively by the CA Association of Psychiatric Technicians.

AB 2361 Campus Security Officers In California, unlike their counterparts at public institutions of higher education, security officers at private non-profit institutions of higher education are not classified as peace officers, and therefore lack equivalent powers. AB 2361 allows security officers employed by independent nonprofit institutions of higher education to be deputized or appointed by the sheriff or chief of police of the jurisdiction in which the institution is located as a reserve deputy/officer provided specified conditions are met.

AB 2485 Dental School Loan Repayment The Dentally Underserved Account was established to assist dentists practicing in underserved areas with loan repayment. AB 2485 will provide incentives for new dentists to begin or continue caring for underserved populations by deleting unnecessary restrictive provisions that deter individuals from applying and qualifying for this program. It immediately expands the eligible applicant pool for the Dental Corps Loan Repayment Program and revises the timeline for loan distribution.

AB 2533 Release of Officer Recordings Oftentimes, officers involved in serious incidents face threats from criminals or members of the public. The release of audio or video related to the incident may result in threats against the officer or his/her family. AB 2533 requires three business days’ notice be given to a public safety officer before a public agency releases any audio or video recorded of the officer.

AB 2557 Housing: Statewide Concern AB 2557 establishes a statewide concern for the development of housing thereby limiting the abilities of entities at the local level to impede statewide efforts to encourage housing production.

AB 2631 Homeless Assistance Program The purpose of the CalWORKs homeless assistance benefits program is to enable homeless families with children to stay off of the street and more quickly secure permanent housing. AB 2631 strengthens the ability of this program to achieve that goal by removing the 16 day cap and the once in a lifetime limit, replacing it with a 30 day cap and limiting aid to once per year.

AB 2794 Hazardous Waste Permitting Fees The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)is unable to obtain full cost recovery when hazardous waste permit applicants utilize the current flat fee structure. AB 2794 allows DTSC to increase cost recovery associated with its hazardous waste facility permit decisions by revising the outdated flat fee structure.

AB 797 The Right to Rescue Act It is currently illegal to leave an animal locked in a hot car. AB 797 will prevent inhumane animal deaths by protecting Good Samaritans from criminal and civil liabilities when rescuing an animal trapped in a hot car. Good Samaritans will have to take a number of steps, that include contacting law enforcement, before entering a car.

AB 72 Surprise Medical Bills Currently, when a patient goes to an in-network facility, he or she can still unintentionally receive care from an out-of-network physician, who then subsequently bills them directly for costs not covered by the insurance company.  AB 72 ensures patients would only be responsible for their in-network cost sharing.

AB 2821 Housing for a Healthy California Program AB 2821 Creates the Housing for a Healthy California Program to provide rental assistance to individuals who are homeless and receive services from the Whole Person Care pilot program, Health Homes, or another locally controlled funding source.

ACR 60 People First Language ACR 60 encourages state policies and procedures to utilize language that emphasizes the person, not the disability when speaking to and about people with disabilities.

ACR 64 Asthma Awareness Month ACR 64 designates the month of May 2015 as Asthma Awareness Month in order to increase awareness and understanding about asthma and educate those with the disease on the treatments available and the methods of preventing attacks.

HR 16 Cinco de Mayo Week HR 16 declares May 4 through 8, 2015 as Cinco De Mayo Week.

HR 56 State of Emergency on Homelessness HR 56 recognizes that the challenge of confronting homelessness requires the active engagement and leadership of all arms of government and requests that Governor Brown declare a state of emergency on homelessness.