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2021-2022 Legislation

AB 19 (2021) – Extended Unemployment Benefits

  • Provides extended unemployment benefits during COVID-19 and ensures non-English speakers have access to adequate bilingual services at the Employment Development Department.

AB 221 (2021) – Emergency Food Assistance

  • Provides $600 of emergency food assistance via preloaded gift cards to low-income persons struggling financially due to COVID-19.

AB 294 (2021) – Strengthening the Towing Fees and Access Notice Law

  • Requires all towing businesses to obtain a Vehicle Tow and Storage Permit prior to operating a tow truck in California or charging for the storage of a towed vehicle.

AB 457 (2021) –Protection of Patient Choice in Telehealth Provider Act

  • Ensures healthcare providers provide notice of availability of in-person visit options prior to a third-party corporate telehealth option.

AB 570 (2021) – Parent Healthcare Act

  • Allows adult children to add their dependent parents onto their health insurance in the individual market.

AB 702 (2021) – Humane Breeder Act

  • Requires anyone who breeds animals for the purpose of selling or gifting them to obtain a breeder permit and puts limits on the amount of litters they can breed.

AB 737 (2021) – Debt-Free Bachelor’s Degree

  • Provides two years of tuition-free education at any California State University campus for any student who has received an associate degree for transfer from a California Community College, has received a fee waiver through the California College Promise program, and is at least 28 years of age.

AB 870 (2021) – Department of Toxic Substances Super Lien

  • Allows the Department of Toxic Substances Control to impose a super lien on a polluter’s property so that the Department could recover cleanup costs before other creditors are paid.

AB 907 (2021) – Reforming Driver License Penalties

  • Reduces fines and penalties for driving without a license or with a suspended license for failure to appear in court for a traffic violation.

AB 990 (2021) – Incarcerated Persons’ Visitation Rights

  • Reinstates the right to personal visits for incarcerated persons in the California Department of Corrections and felony realigned incarcerated persons in county jails.

AB 1024 (2021) – Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC): Transparency and Accountability

  • Implements some of the State Auditor’s recommendations to prevent cost overruns and delays at the Exide cleanup by requiring DTSC to create cleanup milestones, post anticipated cleanup dates on their internet website, and at least partially implement fixed-priced elements in their cleanup contracts.

AB 1068 (2021) – Affordable housing: alternative forms of development

  • Requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to prioritize grant funding for affordable housing projects that use adaptive reuse.

AB 1097 (2021) – Expanding Cal Grant Access

  • Allows students enrolled at California locations of public institutions established by other states to receive a Cal Grant award to which they are already entitled.

AB 1127 (2021) – Juvenile Three Strikes Reform

  • Removes the application of the three strikes law to juveniles.

AB 1177 (2021) – California Public Banking Option Act

  • Commissions a market analysis to study the CalAccount program, which would provide all Californians a no-fee, no-penalty debit card account with direct deposit and check cashing services.

AB 1253 (2021) – Millionaire’s Tax

  • Imposes a surcharge on taxable income over $1 million to generate needed revenue for California.

AB 1304 (2021) – Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)

  • Strengthens the obligation of public agencies, including state and local government entities, to affirmatively further fair housing in all housing and community development-related activities and clarifies mandatory AFFH requirements established under AB 686 (Santiago, 2018).

AB 1340 (2021) – Conservatorship Reform

  • Implements several changes to conservatorship law as outlined in the California State Auditor report of 2019.

AB 1360 (2021) – Permanency of Project Homekey

  • Makes Project Homekey permanent and prohibits locals from kicking housed homeless individuals under Project Roomkey back to the streets.

AB 1416 (2021) – Ballot DISCLOSE ACT

  • Requires ballot measure labels printed on a ballot to include a short list of supporters and opponents taken from the signers of arguments for and against a measure included in the voter guide.

AB 1469 (2021) – Accurate Compost Labeling

  • Requires products to be appropriately labeled according to the end-of-life biodegradability standards that they meet.

AB 1501 (2021) – Rezoning Housing Enforcement

  • Requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to rezone on behalf of local governments if they are not rezoning to accommodate low income housing.

AB 1503 (2021) – Electronic Driver Licenses

  • Creates a pilot program for digital driver licenses/IDs.

AB 1515 (2021) – EITC Outreach and Education and Free Tax Assistance Grant Program

  • Establishes a grant program through the Franchise Tax Board to support qualified community-based organizations to engage in outreach, education, and no-cost tax filing assistance services for working families, including the Golden State Stimulus I & II, Earned Income Tax Credit, Young Child Tax Credit, and Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

AB 1551 (2021) – Affordable Housing Development Bonus

  • Encourages affordable housing development under local government approval by giving commercial developers development bonuses and incentives as long as they collaborate with affordable housing developers to construct affordable housing.

AB 1695 (2022) – Adaptive Reuse

  • Requires notices of funding availability for an affordable multifamily housing loan to state that adaptive reuse for affordable housing is an eligible activity.

AB 1752 (2022) – CCC Part-Time Faculty Pay Parity

  • Creates pay parity for part-time faculty of the California Community Colleges by requiring districts to adopt terms of compensation for part-time faculty of at least the same ratio to the full-time faculty for comparable duties.

AB 1881 (2022) – Dog and Cat Bill of Rights

  • Promotes the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of dogs and cats by informing potential adopters of the animal’s needs before they adopt.

AB 1925 (2022) - Noncitizen County Appointed Positions

  • Require counties to open the pool of eligible persons for board-appointed positions to documented noncitizens.

AB 1976 (2022) – Affordable Housing Enforcement

  • Strengthen California’s housing enforcement law by authorizing the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to rezone on behalf of local governments or impose administrative fines on local governments for failing to rezone to accommodate the construction of affordable housing in the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) region.

AB 1982 (2022) – Protection of Patient Choice in Tele-dentistry

  • Requires health care services or insurers offering telehealth for dental plans to provide a disclosure explaining the impact of third-party telehealth visits.

AB 2018 (2022) – Student Debt Forgiveness

  • Provides a one-time state tax credit to California’s public servants that have student debt.

AB 2048 (2022) – Waste Hauler Agreement Transparency

  • Creates an accessible public database detailing franchise agreements amongst solid waste and recycling haulers and any public agency.

AB 2127 (2022) – Parent Healthcare Notification

  • Ensures individuals that want to add their dependent parent to their health insurance policy are aware of all available health care options before enrolling.

AB 2242 (2022) – The Mental Health Care Coordination Act

  • Ensures individuals with serious mental illnesses receive adequate ongoing care.

AB 2266 (2022) – Free Community College for All

  • Expands the California College Promise program by opening it up to all full-time community college students.

AB 2371 (2022) – Tuition-Free Bachelor’s Degree

  • Provides two years of tuition-free education at any California State University campus for any student who has received an associate degree for transfer from a California Community College and has received a fee waiver through the California College Promise program or the California College Promise Grant

AB 2434 (2022) – Los Angeles Homelessness Governance

  • Authorizes the creation of a joint powers authority to oversee the comprehensive, coordinated approach to addressing homelessness and building housing in the Los Angeles region.

AB 2521 (2022) – Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund Community Advisory Committee

  • Establishes a community advisory committee to provide advice and recommendations to the Office of Health Equity (OHE) on the implementation of the Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund (TWEF).

AB 2589 (2022) – Anti-Poverty Tax Credit Expansion

  • Expands the existing Young Child Tax Credit from $1,000 per household with a child five years or younger to $2,000 per dependent for families earning $30,000 or less per year. This bill will also raise the minimum amount for the California Earned Income Tax Credit from $1 to $255 to help ensure that low-income workers and families do not fall deeper into poverty.

AB 2629 (2022)  – Youth Justice Act

  • Requires a juvenile court judge to give great weight to factors such as a juvenile’s successful completion of probation when considering whether to dismiss a juvenile’s petition.

AB 2653 (2022) – Housing Data Accountability

  • Enhances housing policy implementation and data collection by allowing the Department of Housing and Community Development to reject local housing element annual planning reports that are not substantially compliant with state law.

AB 2765 (2022) – Equitable & Reduced Utility Bills

  • Sunsets some Public Purpose Program (PPP) surcharges on utility customers and continue the programs with funding from the State’s General Fund to continue supporting low-income consumers and help meet California’s climate goals.

AB 2813 (2022) – Long Term Services & Support Benefits

  • Establishes a Long-Term Service and Support Benefits Program to provide supportive care to aging Californians.

AB 2848 (2022) – Workers Compensation Reform

  • Extends by two years the period of study for a previously mandated report regarding medical treatment of an injured worker within the first 30 days following a workers’ compensation claim.

AB 2870 (2022) – “Red Flag” Laws Expansion

  • Expands California’s “red flag” laws to allow more family members and members of the community to file Gun Violence Restraining Orders.

AB 2910 (2022) – Air Quality Violations Enforcement

  • Reduces air pollution, especially in disadvantaged communities, by increasing the maximum strict liability and negligence penalties for air pollution violations committed by facilities, including rendering plants.

AB 2921 (2022) – Alcohol Beverage Control Appeals Board

  • Requires the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Appeals Board to enter its order affirming, reversing, and/or remanding ABC decisions within 60 days after an appeal is submitted for decision.

AJR 33 (2022) – Federal Student Loan Debt Cancellation

  • Urges the Biden Administration to cancel all federal student loan debt.


AB 4 (Arambula) (2021) – Healthcare for All

  • Extends full-scope Medi-Cal to anyone, regardless of age or immigration status.

AB 14 (Aguiar-Curry (2021) – California Advanced Services Fund

  • Modernizes and sufficiently fund the California Advanced Services Fund to provide sufficient service to meet the current and future internet needs of all Californians.

AB 15 (Chiu) (2021) - Tenant Stabilization Act of 2021

  • Extends the moratorium on evictions for nonpayment of rent due to COVID-19.

AB 34 (Muratsuchi) (2021) – Broadband for All Act of 2022

  • Authorizes the issuance of bonds to provide financial assistance for projects to deploy broadband infrastructure and broadband internet access services.

AB 74 (Lorena Gonzalez) (2021) – Lifeline Program

  • Requires the Public Utilities Commission to adopt updated rules for the Lifeline program to minimize barriers to lifeline subscriber recertification and reduces the burden and cost of recertification on the Lifeline program.

AB 110 (Petrie-Norris) (2021) – Unemployment Insurance Fraud Prevention

  • Requires the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to provide certain information about a current inmate to the Employment Development Department to assist with the prevention of unemployment compensation fraud.

AB 256 (Kalra) (2021) – California Racial Justice Act Applicability

  • Makes the California Racial Justice Act of 2020 (CRJA), which prohibits the state from seeking or obtaining a conviction or sentence on the basis of race, ethnicity, or national origin, applicable to cases in which judgment was entered prior to January 1, 2021.

AB 279 (Muratsuchi) (2021) – Halting SNF/ICF Transfers

  • Prohibits the owner of an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) or a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) from terminating its skilled nursing or supportive care services during COVID-19 unless the owner files a bankruptcy petition. Requires facility owners to notify all residents and their representatives of any resident's COVID-19 infection.

AB 310 (Lee) (2021) – Wealth Tax

  • Would impose a 1% annual tax on wealth in excess of $50 million.

AB 400 (Petrie-Norris) (2021) – Unemployment Insurance Oversight

  • Establishes the Unemployment Insurance Oversight Advisory Board under the Labor and Workforce Development Agency to regularly review the Employment Development Department’s Unemployment Insurance operations.

AB 401 (Chiu) (2021) – EDD Language Access

  • Ensures that all Californians seeking services provided by Employment Development Department have the language support required to access the services that they are entitled to.

AB 816 (Chiu) (2021) – National Housing Trust Fund for People Experiencing Homelessness

  • Ensures the Department of Housing and Community Development prioritizes funding for projects that serve people experiencing homelessness.

AB 937 (Carrillo) (2021) – VISION Act

  • Prevents law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities for purpose of deportation.

AB 1176 (E. Garcia) (2021) – California Connect Fund

  • Requires the California Public Utilities Commission to administer the California Connect Program to ensure high-speed broadband service is available to every household in the state at affordable rates.

AB 1383 (Carrillo) (2021) – CCC Involuntary Administrative Leave

  • Specifies that a community college employer should complete its investigation of an employee’s accused misconduct within 90 working days of placing the employee on involuntary paid administrative leave.

AB 1400 (Kalra) (2021) - Guaranteed Health Care for All

  • Establishes the California Guaranteed Health Care for All (CalCare) as California's single-payer health care coverage program.

AB 1487 (Gabriel) (2021) - Homelessness Prevention Fund

  • Establishes the Homelessness Prevention Fund to fund education, outreach, and legal services targeted towards preventing homelessness among particularly vulnerable renter populations.

ACA 8 (Lee) (2021) – Wealth Tax

  • Requires California to form a task force on wealth tax administration.

AJR 1 (Kalra) (2021) – Abolish ICE

  • Urges the U.S. Congress to abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and on or before the abolition of ICE, to implement an orderly and just transfer of essential and basic legally required functions in a manner that upholds values of due process, equality under the law, and family unity.


AB 80 (Burke) (2021) – Federal COVID Relief

  • Conforms state law to federal law with respect to the tax treatment of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) advance grants under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.

AB 101 (Medina) (2021) – Ethnic Studies

  • Establishes ethnic studies requirements for high school students, local educational agencies, and charter schools.

SB 87 (Caballero) (2021) – CA Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program

  • Establishes the California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program within the California Office of Small Business Advocate to assist qualified small businesses affected by COVID-19 through the administration of grants.

SB 90 (Stern) (2021) – Ballot DISCLOSE Act

  • Requires the ballot label for statewide measures, and at the option of a county, the ballot label of local measures, to include a listing of organizations that support and oppose the measure.

SB 678 (Rubio) (2021) - Unaccompanied Women Experiencing Homelessness Act of 2021

  • Establishes “unaccompanied women” as a sub-population of the state’s homeless population and requires the Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council (HCFC) to set measurable goals to prevent and end homelessness among unaccompanied women in the state.

SB 1360 (Umberg) (2022) – Disclosure of Campaign Contributors

  • Changes the text and formatting of required disclosures on petitions and electronic media and video campaign advertisements and requires disclosures on electronic media advertisements about top contributors funding the advertisement.

SB 1416 (Eggman) (2022) – Conservatorship Reform

  • Expands the definition of “gravely disabled” in the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act for individuals with a mental health disorder to include the inability of an individual to provide for their basic personal needs for medical care in addition to being unable to provide for their basic personal needs for food, clothing, and shelter.

SCA 10 (Atkins) (2022) – Reproductive Freedom

  • Enacts a constitutional amendment, expressly providing that the state shall not deny or interfere with an individual's reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions, which includes their fundamental right to choose to have an abortion and their fundamental right to choose or refuse contraceptives.