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2017-2018 Legislation

AB 19 CA Community College Promise Program - Creates the California Community College (CCC) Promise Program to provide tuition-free education at a CCC for one academic year for all first-time, full-time (12 units or more) students.

AB 40 Cures Integration with HIT Systems - Allows health information technology systems to integrate with the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) for the purpose of automatically querying CURES on behalf of a CURES registered user.

AB 60 Child Care Protections for Working Families Act - Establishes 12-month child care assistance and a graduated phase out that allows for tapered assistance to families whose income has increased at the time of re-determination, but still does not exceed the federal income limit of 85% of State Median Income (SMI).

AB 72 State Housing Code Enforcement Funding - Appropriates one-time funds (amount TBD) to the Office of the Attorney General, from California’s General Fund, to assist in the enforcement of existing laws in order to support the development of new housing.

AB 210 Homeless Multidisciplinary Personnel Team - Allows counties to establish a homeless multidisciplinary personnel team (MDT) to facilitate the identification, assessment, and linkage of homeless individuals to housing and supportive services. This bill would allow members of the MDT to share confidential information with one another in order to better coordinate and provide services to homeless individuals and families.

AB 246 Hazardous Waste Permitting: Promoting Fence Line Monitoring - Instructs the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), as a condition for a new or renewal permit, to require an applicant to obtain and maintain compliance with a permit from the local air quality management or air pollution control district.

AB 260 Human Trafficking Public Notices - Requires lodging businesses to post a notice that contains information related to slavery and human trafficking at a location visible to employees and the public.

AB 352 Affordable Housing: Efficiency Units - Increases affordable housing by supporting the development of “efficiency units”—small apartment units.

AB 390 Pedestrian Cross Walk Count Down - Authorizes a pedestrian facing a “countdown” signal to proceed across the roadway in the direction of the signal if there is sufficient time left on the countdown to reasonably complete the crossing safely.

AB 421 Aerial Emissions Contamination Cleanup - Supports the cleanup of contamination resulting from aerial emissions by clarifying that contamination caused by aerial emissions is eligible for cost recovery under the state Hazardous Substances Account Act (HSAA).

AB 468 Transit Operator Protections - Provides additional tools to LA Metro and other transit agencies seeking to combat assaults on transit drivers.

AB 508 Professional License Protections - Protects the professional licenses of people who have defaulted on their federal student loan debt. Specifically, this bill would repeal a code section that gives licensing boards the authority to deny licensure to certain professionals who have defaulted on federal student loans.

AB 559 BOG Fee Waiver Online Availability - Requires that the BOG fee waiver be made available online at all campuses so that it is able to be completed and submitted electronically.

AB 609 Distilled Spirits - Extends sunset for a law that allows wineries and distilled spirits manufacturers to conduct promotional events to provide their products directly to consumers.

AB 686 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing - Reinforces California’s commitment to fair and equal housing by requiring public agencies to administer their programs in a manner that affirmatively furthers fair housing.

AB 943 Voter Approval: Slow Growth Measures - Requires any local measure that curbs, delays, or deters growth or development within a city to now be approved by at least a two-thirds vote.

AB 1017 Collective Bargaining Agreements: Arbitration and Attorney Fees - Provides that in disputes concerning collective bargaining agreements for public employment, requires a court to award attorney’s fees to a prevailing party in an action to compel arbitration of the disputes unless the other party has raised substantial and credible as well as substantial issues involving complex or significant questions of law or fact.

AB 1298 Officer Disciplinary Hearings: False Statements & Electronic Testimony - Requires a finding of clear and convincing evidence, including corroborating evidence, on an administrative allegation of “making a false statement” against a peace officer. The measure also prohibits witness testimony at a disciplinary hearing from being received by telephone or other electronic means.

AB 1380 Direct Care Services for Persons with Disabilities - Requires in-home respite care providers to utilize 85% of their annual budget on direct care services for persons with disabilities.

HR 13 President Trump Release Taxes Resolution - Urges President Trump to release his personal income tax returns for at least the last 5 taxable years.