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2021 Legislation

AB 19 (2021) – Extended Unemployment Benefits

  • Provides extended unemployment benefits during COVID-19 and ensures non-English speakers have access to adequate bilingual services at the Employment Development Department.

AB 221 (2021) – Emergency Food Assistance

  • Provides $600 of emergency food assistance via preloaded gift cards to low-income persons struggling financially due to COVID-19.

AB 294 (2021) – Strengthening the Towing Fees and Access Notice Law

  • Requires all towing businesses to obtain a Vehicle Tow and Storage Permit prior to operating a tow truck in California or charging for the storage of a towed vehicle.

AB 457 (2021) –Protection of Patient Choice in Telehealth Provider Act

  • Ensures healthcare providers provide notice of availability of in-person visit options prior to a third-party corporate telehealth option.

AB 570 (2021) – Parent Healthcare Act

  • Allows adult children to add their dependent parents onto their health insurance in the individual market.

AB 702 (2021) – Humane Breeder Act

  • Requires anyone who breeds animals for the purpose of selling or gifting them to obtain a breeder permit and puts limits on the amount of litters they can breed.

AB 737 (2021) – Debt-Free Bachelor’s Degree

  • Provides two years of tuition-free education at any California State University campus for any student who has received an associate degree for transfer from a California Community College, has received a fee waiver through the California College Promise program, and is at least 28 years of age.

AB 870 (2021) – Department of Toxic Substances Super Lien

  • Allows the Department of Toxic Substances Control to impose a super lien on a polluter’s property so that the Department could recover cleanup costs before other creditors are paid.

AB 907 (2021) – Reforming Driver License Penalties

  • Reduces fines and penalties for driving without a license or with a suspended license for failure to appear in court for a traffic violation.

AB 990 (2021) – Incarcerated Persons’ Visitation Rights

  • Reinstates the right to personal visits for incarcerated persons in the California Department of Corrections and felony realigned incarcerated persons in county jails.

AB 1024 (2021) – Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC): Transparency and Accountability

  • Implements some of the State Auditor’s recommendations to prevent cost overruns and delays at the Exide cleanup by requiring DTSC to create cleanup milestones, post anticipated cleanup dates on their internet website, and at least partially implement fixed-priced elements in their cleanup contracts.

AB 1068 (2021) – Affordable housing: alternative forms of development

  • Requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to prioritize grant funding for affordable housing projects that use adaptive reuse.

AB 1097 (2021) – Expanding Cal Grant Access

  • Allows students enrolled at California locations of public institutions established by other states to receive a Cal Grant award to which they are already entitled.

AB 1127 (2021) – Juvenile Three Strikes Reform

  • Removes the application of the three strikes law to juveniles.

AB 1177 (2021) – California Public Banking Option Act

  • Commissions a market analysis to study the CalAccount program, which would provide all Californians a no-fee, no-penalty debit card account with direct deposit and check cashing services.

AB 1253 (2021) – Millionaire’s Tax

  • Imposes a surcharge on taxable income over $1 million to generate needed revenue for California.

AB 1304 (2021) – Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)

  • Strengthens the obligation of public agencies, including state and local government entities, to affirmatively further fair housing in all housing and community development-related activities and clarifies mandatory AFFH requirements established under AB 686 (Santiago, 2018).

AB 1340 (2021) – Conservatorship Reform

  • Implements several changes to conservatorship law as outlined in the California State Auditor report of 2019.

AB 1360 (2021) – Permanency of Project Homekey

  • Makes Project Homekey permanent and prohibits locals from kicking housed homeless individuals under Project Roomkey back to the streets.

AB 1416 (2021) – Ballot DISCLOSE ACT

  • Requires ballot measure labels printed on a ballot to include a short list of supporters and opponents taken from the signers of arguments for and against a measure included in the voter guide.

AB 1469 (2021) – Accurate Compost Labeling

  • Requires products to be appropriately labeled according to the end-of-life biodegradability standards that they meet.

AB 1501 (2021) – Rezoning Housing Enforcement

  • Requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to rezone on behalf of local governments if they are not rezoning to accommodate low income housing.

AB 1503 (2021) – Electronic Driver Licenses

  • Creates a pilot program for digital driver licenses/IDs.

AB 1515 (2021) – EITC Outreach and Education and Free Tax Assistance Grant Program

  • Establishes a grant program through the Franchise Tax Board to support qualified community-based organizations to engage in outreach, education, and no-cost tax filing assistance services for working families, including the Golden State Stimulus I & II, Earned Income Tax Credit, Young Child Tax Credit, and Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

AB 1501 (2021) – Rezoning Housing Enforcement

  • Requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to rezone on behalf of local governments if they are not rezoning to accommodate low income housing.


AB 4 (Arambula) (2021) – Healthcare for All

  • Extends full-scope Medi-Cal to anyone, regardless of age or immigration status.

AB 279 (Muratsuchi) (2021) – Halting SNF/ICF Transfers

  • Prohibits the owner of an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) or a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) from terminating its skilled nursing or supportive care services during COVID-19 unless the owner files a bankruptcy petition. Requires facility owners to notify all residents and their representatives of any resident's COVID-19 infection.

AB 937 (Carrillo) (2021) – VISION Act

  • Prevents law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities for purpose of deportation.

AB 1176 (E. Garcia) (2021) – California Connect Fund

  • Requires the California Public Utilities Commission to administer the California Connect Program to ensure high-speed broadband service is available to every household in the state at affordable rates.

ACA 8 (Lee) (2021) – Wealth Tax

  • Requires California to form a task force on wealth tax administration.


AB 101 (Medina) (2021) – Ethnic Studies

  • Establishes ethnic studies requirements for high school students, local educational agencies, and charter schools.

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