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California Lawmakers Want to Extend Free Community College to 2 Years

By Zach Li - The Epoch Times

Students attending California community colleges could receive two years free education under a new bill that was introduced on Dec. 3. It comes about one year after the state legislature decided to waive the first year tuition at community colleges.

The author and other advocates of the bill, AB 2, gathered on Tuesday at Los Angeles Trade Technical College to promote the idea of the 2-year tuition-free college education, which would enable many students to complete an Associates Degree in California.

“In the fight against income inequality, a free education is the greatest instrument we have,” said Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), one of the bill’s authors.

“Whether community college is used as a stepping stone to our amazing four-year universities or to apprenticeships and workforce training programs, it is a key component of California’s education framework and should be the cornerstone of a debt-free education.”